Qualified experts

A team of professionals in love with the sea

Our team is made up of professionals who have dedicated their lives to sailing and who know every hidden corner of our coasts to perfection. They will show you how to admire Cadiz from the sea, as well as every unknown shelter of our Bay.

Safety, Quality and Welfare on board

First class inflatable boats

For our routes we have an inflatable boat of the brand COBRA 750, semi-rigid, with capacity for 10 people and equipped with the latest technology of nautical equipment and all the security system required by current regulations.

It features a 200 hp engine, HM390 communication transmitter, Raymarine chartplotter, automatic inflatable life jackets, fire extinguishers and pyrotechnical equipment.

rutas en barco en cadiz seguras

Real club náutico de Cádiz

Our facilities

The headquarters of Cádiz Sea Experience for the reception of our clients is located in the Real Club Náutico de Cádiz, where they can stay during the moments before and after embarkation.

In addition, they can relax while having a drink after the excursion in the club’s cafeteria. We also have toilets, where you can make yourself comfortable to start the experience.

Audioguides, ponchos and merchandising

Accessories for An unforgettable experience

We provide our clients with access to an application that can be downloaded from any mobile device from which they will have detailed information in different languages in the form of a guided tour of all the important historical details along the route.

They also have the possibility of acquiring, with a deposit, an MP4 device in case it is not possible to download the application to their own mobile phones.

We will provide users with single-use waterproof ponchos. In addition, various merchandising items will be available for purchase at our facilities as a souvenir of your experience.