Discover Cadiz and its history from the sea

With us you can explore the most picturesque areas of the city of Cadiz by the sea, combining a pleasant and fun ride on a 10-seater boat with an audio-guided historical tour where you will get to know pirate stories, naval battles, sieges to the city and even mysterious legends that will give you goose bumps. Unforgettable routes and stories that few know about.

Historical tours of the most picturesque areas of the Cadiz coastline

3 routes, 2 winds and 1 sunset

Get to know the 3 routes that our experts have programmed, determined by the sea and wind conditions.

ruta de poniente paseo en barco cadiz

Poniente Route

We will go around the walled city and its main bastions, admiring the Alameda and sailing along the same channel through which the great galleons used to enter Cadiz, until we reach the impressive Caleta beach and its bathing resort.

Levante Route

A peaceful sail along the inland waters of the bay. Passing under the impressive 1812 Constitution Bridge, the castle of San Lorenzo and the Santa Isabel pond, where the victorious battle against the French navy took place.

Sunset Route

Admire the stunning Cádiz sunset. From the Alameda, through the Baluarte de la Candelaria and Parque Genovés to the entrance of La Caleta. Witness this show of light and colour as we toast to the sun with cava.

The City of Cadiz has many points of view


Thinking about what to visit in Cadiz or what to do in Cadiz? We have a great plan.

Cadiz cannot be understood without its relationship with the sea. With more than three thousand years of history, it is the oldest city in the West. Where Phoenicians and Romans established maritime bases. And the fact is that to get to know this city, you have to look at it precisely from the sea.

The discovery of America made Cadiz a first-rate maritime and commercial city, as ships loaded with goods from the new territories arrived here and also left from here for the rest of Europe.

From the sea we can see its walls, built during the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as its beautiful and harmonious houses with numerous lookout towers, from where the people of Cádiz used to watch the ships and prepare for unloading and the subsequent commercial traffic.

In recent years, the construction and repair of its ships in the shipyards of the bay has been the main industrial activity in the area. That is why, then and now, Cadiz has to be approached by sea.

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